My purpose is to paint places that evoke a deep feeling of nature in all its power and beauty no matter its size exploring ways to help each of us connect back to our beautiful earth

Garden Commissions

Often people’s relationship with nature starts in their own backyard. Gardens are a place of personal creativity, pleasure and joy. Allow me to capture a moment of that Joy in a season that most enchants you by painting something that is most dear to you and lets celebrate your piece of heaven on earth.

Special Places

Some places are truly evocative, they can hold our memories or clear our minds of worry and stress. They have us returning again and again- giving us a sense of happiness. These are the places that are dear to you. I paint places that people have a deep emotional connection to, it just so happens that these places often have beautiful trees. If there is a place you wish to be captured by me please contact me. I have travelled far and wide in the UK and abroad to capture someone’s special place.


If there is a painting that you see in the gallery here but it has already been sold and you like the idea of it. Please contact me to commission a similar piece. I paint large pieces ranging in size from 60cm by 70cm to very large 100cm by 120cm and larger. Canvas or Board and Oil or Acrylic